Burglar Alarm Installation
We specialise in both domestic and commercial alarm systems, new installation, repairs and upgrades. We look after systems over 30 years old with a key to turn it on up to the latest wireless App systems with Geo Fencing and Smart Home Systems using your phone to set or unset and isolate individual zones.
Wired and wireless alarm installations can be configured to call your mobile or activate an App to alert you of an activation without the expense of a monitored system. We can upgrade or repair any existing systems we install both wired and wireless system. Installed to British standards from start to finish no need for electricians or phone engineers
Free security survey
Blenheim Security Installers will provide you with a full security survey and assess your needs prior to providing you with any quotation, providing peace of mind for your professionally installed security solution.
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Every electronic item that we use today is becoming more advanced, wireless where we had wires before, smaller and better. Alarms are no exception, with no wires for us to hide or intruders to tamper with, secure wireless connectivity, battery life lasting for 7 years professional wireless alarms are the future. With systems calling you and alerting you via an App, no need for electricians, phone engineers or carpet fitters we install in most cases in under a day.