Security Camera Installation
CCTV can be fitted on your home or business with remote viewing on your mobile phone, laptop, Ipad etc. Used in conjunction with your alarm system on an activation you can check the premises from your mobile anywhere in the world.
With high resolution night vision you can view your premises day or night, ideal for businesses when you are away from site you can still keep an eye on your company, checking foot fall or watching staff or customer movements.
Not only do we provide CCTV installation but we can repair or upgrade existing security camera systems, to night vision, hard disk drive recording and remote viewing. We supply both HD over coax or IP over CAT5 or CAT6.
We also install both covert and overt systems, we can fit hidden cameras into almost anything or anywhere and can sell or hire systems to suit your needs.
We have in the past installed CCTV systems for companies such as Sainsbury s, Tesco s, Boots, Esso, Texaco, Ann Summers, Marks and Spencers, Body Shop, Booker, Currys, PC, and many more.
Local businesses we currently look after the CCTV for Johnsons Coaches, Silhillians RFC, land Rover Social Club, Solihull Arden Club, Paul McGowan Grab Hire and Lanes for Drains and TVR Power to mention a few. Please contact us if you require references.
Free security survey
Blenheim Security Installers will provide you with a full security survey and assess your needs prior to providing you with any quotation, providing peace of mind for your professionally installed security solution.
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We supply and fit custom made CCTV systems for both homes and businesses to suite your security needs, all high definition with night vision recording to a Digital Video recorder with remote access to allow you to view your premises via your mobile device for both live and historic events.